He taught how to question. How to dream the construct of reality. Eventually he never framed his own opinion. He was the utmost free thinker that I’ve ever met. Any substance, any system would transform their sense by his reasoning.

He was tall in physique, quite average of statue, as one might say. His long, dark blonde hair framed his busy face. He was not a maker, yet his hands were keen to transform the circulating matter of planet earth. A planet inhabited by contradictory folks.

Sometimes I wondered what time he’d be from. Iceland born and grown, he lived the life of a normal human being from 1981. The countries’ solitude and social net quite certainly shaped his strange and generous character.

He was a devoted and calm futurist, fascinated by the abstract notions of energy and culture. Systems and relationships were at the heart of his search, examined through material, speculation, performance or narration.

He learned in London, in Eindhoven, drew from economics, philosophy and mythology and addressed any medium. He directed the Programme of MA Design: Explorations & Translations at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, and persistently reached out for exchange with professionals of any discipline, with a focus on design.

- Johanna Seelemann