Woody recounts the encounters of Woody, a future lumberjack from the east of Iceland. The story involves a series of products and everyday goods that could be produced from local wood. Woody is in between realities.

A design and film project engaging with the local wood culture in Iceland. It is an ode to the forest and its potentials, celebrating a relationship between human and material.

In the olden days Iceland was filled with wood. The first settlers utilized that resource to survive the harsh climate cutting down the forest for heat and practical functions. For centuries, Iceland was woodless and it was only in the last 50-60 years of the last century that the governement implemented systematically the re-installation of forests in Iceland. Now, in the beginning of the new century the forests are getting ripe and big enough for utilisation. This has created a weird dilemma. Whereas wood is considered a very basic resource all over the world. An asset that can be almost transfomed into all sorts of materials Icelanders have not yet found ways to accept and understand this material culturally.

Woody, an ode to the forest
Exhibited at: Design March 2016 & Forms of Life Exhibition 2017
Studio Intern; concept development, video shooting and editing: Johanna Seelemann
Sound: Þórður Jörundsson
Stylist: Steinunn Eyja Halldórsdóttir
Model: Björn Steinar Blumenstein
Commissioned by: Skógræktarfélag Austurlands. 
Year: 2016