The sulphur archive celebrates a chemical element, collateral to Icelandic electricity and hot water supply. Over hundreds of years being extracted from mines, it was used as fuel to provide heat, even today the element avails as fertilizer in agriculture. Today’s geothermal plants have given Icelanders a new relation to sulfur. Through extensive research into the exhaust hydrogen sulphide from these plants we investigated methods of utilizing the low melting point of sulphur. In dialog with laser cutters and CNC machines a new craft has emerged sulfur ceramics along with an update on traditional inlay techniques - sulphur inlayed basalt.

Sulphur Archive
Material: Sulphur, Basalt
Exhibited as the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016
Press: Dezeen 19th of March 2016
Studio intern & Photography: Johanna Seelemann
Year: 2016