There is a sense of transition in the world. People are growing tired of our systemic structures and the results of the current systems. Consumption for the sake of consumption, sustainability issues etc. All this is resulting in a pessimistic atmosphere in our society. We should rather see the possibilities in creating new inspiring alternative systems, dream and find solutions for them. This project puts forward a theoretical system of how we deal with material and objects in society, its origins, transformation and use. It proposes a system within the proximity of the user himself, where matter is seen as an endless flow, objects are ephemeral, an ever changing crystallization of ideals into matter.

We then produced a future vision of society if our new system would be put forward, producing illustrations and text about a whole society at a larger scale.

A couple of conceptual directions were formulated about how the system could work in a smaller context which were communicated through workshops, events and exhibitions. Touching on subjects like, collaborative craft, diy shoe making, furniture production etc.

We believe further possibilities can be discovered in this theory and that there are many more possibilities to explore. The theory, illustrations, and concepts produced are meant to serve as inspirational triggers to peoples imagination and the fact that things do not have to be same - that alternative futures are possible.

Plastic Society
Collaboration with Thomas Vailly
Used in "Trust Design Publication 3: Trust, Design & Faith 2011 and Revisited for "Thoughts on a train" text in Process Publication 2017
Year: 2010