Six designers were asked to research, map, experiment, develop and finish a product line for the east part of Iceland. With the focus to heighten the use of local materials and local expertise - the practical and sociopolitical issues that arise from the presence and usage of these limted resources.

Locally crafted or produced materials are a valuable resource and an important factor for design in Iceland. Another important factor is to encourage and support activities that preserve and develop a deeper understanding of these materials, both from a logistical and a cultural standpoint. It is essential to evaluate how these materials can be used, as well as searching for ways in which their value can be maximised through the design and craft processes.

One unique and charming aspect of this project has been the stories of the processes, of the materials and of the craftspeople who work with them. Telling these stories and documenting the processes is a way to preserve and develop a strong understanding of the materials and their characteristics, as well as how best to showcase their values.

Among the materials the group has worked with are rhyolite rock, larch, reindeer leather and felted wool. Cast aluminum from the controversial aluminium smelter in Reyðarfjörður has also been used in combination with these natural materials.

Since the realisation of the project some work has been continued. A studio was formed by some of the participants that continued iiif pushed some selected projects from North East 10 further and have as well created new projects locally dealing with a range of exciting materials.

North East 10
Collaboration with Thibaut Allgayer, Agla Stefánsdóttir,
Sigrún Halla Unnarsdóttir, Karna Sigurðardóttir,
Sebastian Ziegler
Photos by: Johanna Seelemann, Paula Prats
Exhibited: Epal 2012, Sláturhúsið 2012, The Settlement Exhibition 2013,
Year: 2012