Comissioned to do a week workshop at Lunga Arts Festival in Seyðisfjöður east Iceland. Mentoring twelve international participants. Circular gifts workshop revolves around the philosophy of the circle. Research and interplay of human interventions on natural material cycles.

Participants were asked to do local resident a favour in exchange for material. The material collection was then researched conceptually and through hands on transformations. A library of material possibilites emerged.
Participants were then asked to return the transformed material back to its origins in the form of a gift.
Favour. To vacuum clean a random residents house.
Material reward. The vacuum cleaning bag.

Transformation. Filtering and siving the content of the vaccuum bag. An archive was formed. A collection of human skin flakes, earbuds, cereal, nail clippings etc.
Gift. Family portait. A publication illustrating the material archive of the vaccum bag exhibited in the vaccum cleaning closet at the residents home for one day.
The circular gift workshop was built on a reacurring theme of mine, the circle or the cycle. It being human interventions into natural cycles, research into material cycles and the possible parallels in social structures and circular industrial systems.

Circular Gifts
Workshop at arts festival Lunga 2015, Seyðisfjörður (Iceland)
Mentoring twelve international participants
Photography & Assistance: Johanna Seelemann
Year: 2015