A pan-Nordic, cross-disciplinary project, 13Al+ brought together Icelandic designers and Swedish aluminium manufacturing companies to study the possibilities of the Icelandic aluminium.Iceland produces over 800 000 tons of aluminium annually, with smelters running solely on hydropower. Most of the raw material is exported, with little to no production of aluminum or know-how of its treatment in Iceland.

For 13Al+, 5 Icelandic designers to gain knowhow on aluminium in Möbelriket and Design Region Småland, Sweden, then to translate the knowledge into tangible products in cooperation with Icelandic and Swedish manufactures.

The designers gave the first preview to a work-in-progress collection of items made from aluminium by five Icelandic designers, Sigga Heimis, Þóra Birna, Snaebjörn Stéfansson, Garðar Eyjólfsson and Katrin Ólina during Stockholm Design Week 2013.

Held in the following fall, The 13Al+ Conference explored the current situation and future possibilities of aluminum production in Iceland. What are the opportunities in Icelandic aluminium as a material for local business and production?  How should Icelandic aluminium be used in the future? What are the opportunities of Icelandic aluminum as a material for local business and production? How should Icelandic aluminum be used in the future? How can design be used as a driver for innovation within the aluminum industry?


Role: Project manager, curator & designer.
Exhibited at: Stockholm Design Week 2013, Design March 2013, Al13+ Conference at Arion Banki 2013.
Conference at Arion bank headquarters 2013.
Documentary released in 2013 in collaboration with Kristín Arna Sigurðardóttir & Sebastian Ziegler. 
Year: 2013

13AL+ trailer from Ziegler & Sigurðardóttir